Company Philosophy

Wellfarm always thinks of its customers first
and aims to be the one to move forward, always perfectly prepared for what comes next.


All our products come from nature.


We build solid relationships based on
full trust in our partners


Our passion is
to make our customers
love our products.


We are always tackling
new challenges and
trying out the latest technology.


With people, nature and With people,
nature and our company in harmony,
we try our best to create a happy world.


내실 있는 확대 성장을 통한 매출 1천억원 달성

CEO Greeting

Providing healthy and delicious food is our calling and happiness.

Dear customers,

In 1998, HF Food, a private company, started in the food materials business, determined in its endeavor to supply natural food products of premium quality.
In 2015, our company merged with its affiliates to leverage well-being through more efficient management and more direct communication with our customers.

Food is a fundamental source of energy for our spirits and bodies. We believe we are fortunate to be operating a food business and know we carry a great social responsibility in what we do.
In the past, wives and mothers prepared food for families, ensuring everyone’s health and happiness. Yet times have changed. Nowadays, the responsibility of providing nourishing food has increasingly shifted to food companies like ours.

We are grateful for this opportunity to supply you with food that is equally delicious as it is healthy, as this is our company’s very mission and happiness.
As we at Wellfarm have done until now, we will continue to search for and forge better ways to provide you with products that are healthy, delicious, convenient as well as innovative.

Our source is nature, which provides an example of greatness for us all.
Our promise to you, our customers, is that we will never make a product that goes against the greatness of nature.
We are a company committed to pursuing our beliefs and principles in support of your well-being.
I wish you and your family a healthy and happy life. Thank you.


Suhyung Lee, Wellfarm CEO


With passion, we have made big strides forward for the past two decades.
Now, we take a huge leap toward our 30th anniversary!

  • 2018

    –  Launched the new brand ‘BOK CAFÉ’
    –  HeoJuice Sales exceeded 410 million pouches
    –  Launched first HMR product (Sosim Meal)

  • 2016

    Acquired ISO 22000 certification.

  • 2015

    Awarded by the Small and Medium Business Administration

  • 2014

    Launched HeoJuice on home shopping channel (Home & Shopping)

  • 2013

    –  Selected as Promising Export Firm by SMBA
    –  Expanded refrigerated warehouse

  • 2012

    –  Established Wellfarm’s R&D center
    –  Completed the extension of warehouse

  • 2011

    –  Extended production lines for standing pouches and flexible pouches
    –  Acquired ISO14001 certification

  • 2010

    Selected as Organic Process Certified Company

  • 2009

    – Launched Jayeonone brand in E-mart and department stores
    – Designated as the first Korean company to receive Children’s Favorite Food Quality Certification

  • 2008

    –  Started producing products in spout pouches
    –  Launched frozen fruit products in E-mart

  • 2007

    – Started producing products using mold-pouches
    – Selected as a local business enterprise by Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
    – Expanded refrigerating/freezing warehouse
    – Maintained the HACCP/GMP follow-up criteria
    – Certified as an Innovative Enterprise (INNOBIZ)

  • 2006

    – Designated as a GMP (Good Health Functional Food Manufacturing Standards) application facility
    – Selected as an export enterprise by the Small and Medium Business Administration
    – Started supplying 100% organic juice
    – Expanded the cheer pack line
    – Designated as an HACCP (Hazardous Element Quality Control Standard) application facility
    – Obtained ‘Grape Seed Extract’ as raw material for health functional foods
    – Started exporting to the USA

  • 2005

    –  Authorized for health supplement product manufacturing by the Korean Food and Drug Association (KFDA).
    –  Established the brand Jayeonone

  • 2004

    – Selected as a member of the Health Functional Food Research at Korea University
    – Started the production of juices in roll pouch
    – Started the production of organic grape NFC juice

  • 2003

    –  Completed 100TON waste water purification facility
    –  Installed environment-friendly geothermal heating and cooling system
    –  Launched herbal juice product (OEM)
    –  Started the production of health juice product in standing pouch
    –  Completed water purification facility

  • 2002

    –  Founded Wellfarm Co., Ltd.
    –  Established HACCP class factory in Chungbuk Province (factory site 6,262SQM, factory 926.7SQM)

  • 2001

    –  Selected as a demonstration enterprise of the KFDA of an organic processed food certification system
    –  Expanded air-conditioning facilities, refrigeration, freezing, and packing rooms
    –  Certified its 1st health supplement food product (blood sugar control)
    –  Applied for the designation of HACCP by KFDA
    –  Started to import organic juices
    –  Entered the Japanese market and started exporting

  • 2000

    Started to import frozen fruits

  • 1999

    Launched the sales of health functional food (HFF) raw materials

  • 1998

    Founded HF FOOD

벡터 고급 개체
A Champion of Healthy Eating for All Our Customers

By seeking out food from nature and combining it with state-of-the art technology for the best products to provide high quality products and services that make our live healthier.
In this way become a company that comes out top in pursuit of a HAPPY LIFE.

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