The Ideal Wellfarmer

Wellfarm seeks people who are pioneers by paving the way for others, thinking of future generations, as well as caring for and respecting their fellow human beings.

We also welcome those who can think and innovate in collaboration with others to develop healthy and delicious food with a pure, healthy body and mind.

An actor

who shows the way by doing

A leader

who guides with competency

An organizer

who demonstrates care and respect for others

A nature-lover

who treats the environment with a gentle hand

A champion of well-being

who is healthy inside and outside

A pioneer of the future

who thinks and goes ahead


Support for important life events

We share in our employees’ moments of joy and sadness. We offer congratulatory holidays (e.g. for marriage) and send sympathy wreaths in case of a family death.

Educational support

In order to strengthen the capacity of our employees, we support internal and external education. We have a small library, and offer video lectures.

Health check-up support

We support health checkups to encourage a healthy lifestyle in our employees.

Workshops and athletic activity

Every year we hold workshops and athletic competitions to improve teamwork skills. We also facilitate employee exchanges.

Club support

We encourage friendship among employees through various club activities.

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