An unchanging tree, fresh and abundant, with a warm heart.
This is a renewal of Wellfarm’s Company Identity to announce our new beginnings.
A healthy company symbolizes well-being, faith, principles, and tolerance.

Jayeonone is a unique brand of Wellfarm’s that creates trends with unrivaled expertise and gives joy to customers.

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If you enjoy nature, life becomes joy.

Jayeonone is a brand that offers always healthy and tasty foods made with ingredients closest to nature. We place our belief in clean and safe products, we hold the principle that such food is always beneficial to the body, and ascribe to the truth that this can harmonize with nature.




Good Experience, For YOU!

LifeN is a consumer-customized food brand that brings excitement to customers.
We have products of excellent quality to make it easier for you to choose from a variety of new foods.
LifeN offers a pleasant experience thanks to its convenient design.


Sosim Meal

4S for myself!
Simple, Slow, Safe, Smooth.

Sosim Meal is a product that offers customers meals with simple but essential nutrients to sustain us in our busy lives.


Bok Café [Brewed-for-You]

Bok Café instead of coffee!
Bok Café is a tea-oriented brand of Wellfarm.

Many of our customers are tired of drinking coffee every day, so we have launched a new health tea that does not contain even a single drop of caffeine. Instead, we rediscover the customs and wisdom of traditional, Korean tea.
Utilizing the unique, health-boosting components of herb-based Korean teas, we have created a special brew. It’s traditionally delicate in taste, yet modern its combination of ingredients – an infusion for everyone ot enjoy.

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