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TitleSupply of frozen fruits and berries2019-10-22 20:55:26
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To the Purchase Dept.


Dear Madam or Sir,


I hereby take the liberty to reach out to you to introduce Orskov Foods – producer of IQF fruits and berries from Denmark, Poland and Chile.


The reason for me to touch base with you is to explore the possibility of a future cooperation between our companies. Maybe starting with IQF berries from our own production in Chile.


We offer a brought range of IQF fruits and berries, such as;

- strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cherries, grapes and many more. 

All produced in our own production facilities in either Denmark, Poland and/or Chile.


To give you a better view on our company, I invite you to look at the attached company profile. In here you will also find a selection of products, which I hope you will find interesting.


It is most likely that you have questions. And I will be happy to answer you. In fact, that is what I am here for.


I therefore look forward to hearing from you. Until then, please receive my very


Best regards

Carsten Mortensen

Key Account Manager


+45 6325 5569


+45 2710 1202


Orskov Foods A/S ∙ Hammesbrovej 12 ∙ DK-5883 Oure ∙ Tel.: +45 6228 1202 ∙ ∙ VAT No. DK 1392 3299

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