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Welfarm Co., Ltd. establishes and discloses the following personal information processing guidelines in order to protect the personal information of the subject of information pursuant to the Article 30 of the Personal Information Protection Act and to handle the related complaints promptly and smoothly.

Article 1 (Object Purpose of Personal Information) (Note) Well Farm handles personal information for the following purposes. Personal information being processed is used for purposes other than the following purposes

Will be used. If the purpose of use is changed, we will implement necessary measures such as receiving consent in accordance with Article 18 of the Personal Information Protection Act.

1. Homepage membership and management

Identification of member, confirmation of identity due to the provision of membership service, authentication of member, maintenance of membership, management of identity by checking the limited identification, prevention of illegal use of service,

When processing personal information of children under 14 years old, we will process personal information for the purpose of confirming the agreement of the legal representative, notifying and notifying, and handling complaints.

2. Provision of goods or services

We handle personal information for the purpose of providing services, contracts, billing, providing content, and providing personalized services.

3. Handling complaints

We process personal information for the purpose of confirming the identity of a complainant, confirming complaints, contacting and notifying for investigation, and notifying the result of processing.

4. <Personal information processing service of the applicable company / organization>

We process personal information for purposes of processing according to personal information processing tasks.

Article 2 (Processing and Retention Period of Personal Information)

① Welfarm Co., Ltd. will process and keep personal information within the period of using personal information in accordance with statute, holding period of use of personal information acquired during the period of use or collecting personal information from information subject.

② Each personal information processing and retention period is as follows.

1. Homepage membership and management: until the withdrawal of the website of the company / organization, but if it falls under the following grounds,

1) In case of investigations or investigations in violation of related laws and regulations,

2) If there is a bond or debt related to the use of the website,

3) In case of <Exception Reason>

2. Provision of goods or services: until the completion of goods and service supply and payment of payment or settlement of accounts, but until the end of the corresponding period

1) Indication in accordance with 「Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce」,

Records of transactions such as contract details and implementation

– Signs on the ad: June

– 5 years of contract or subscription withdrawal, payment settlement, supply of goods, etc.

– Records of consumer complaints or disputes: 3 years

2) Storage of communication confirmation data pursuant to Article 41 of the 「Communication Confidentiality Protection Act」

– Subscriber telecommunication date and time, start / end time, counterpart subscriber number, frequency of use, location of originating base station Source: 1 year

– Computer communication, Internet log data, access point tracking data: 3 months

3) Storing identification information in accordance with Article 29 of the Enforcement Decree of the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection: 6 months after the information is posted on the bulletin board

4) <Personal information retention period grounds and articles>: <Retention period>

3. <Personal information processing business>: <Holding period>

Article 3 (Provision of Personal Information by a Third Party) (1) Welfarm shall treat personal information of the information subject only within the scope specified in Article 1 (Purpose of Personal Information) We will only provide personal information to third parties if they fall under Articles 17 and 18 of the Personal Information Protection Act, including special provisions of law.

② Welfare Co., Ltd. provides personal information to third parties as follows.

1. OOO credit card company (business partnership)

– Person who is provided personal information: OOO card

– Purpose of use of personal information of recipient: Cooperation and cooperation such as event co-hosting

Credit card issuance

– Personal information items provided: name, address, phone number, e-mail address, credit card account

Left information, credit information

– Period of use: During the period of transaction according to credit card issuance contract

2. OOO Company

– Person who receives personal information: <Corporation name or name of recipient>

– Purpose of using personal information of recipient: <Purpose of specific use>

– Personal information items provided: <Each item>

– Retention of recipients? Period of use: or <0 years>

Article 4 (Consignment of Personal Information Processing) (1) Welfare Co., Ltd. is entrusted with the following personal information processing business for smooth personal information business processing.

1. Telephone consultation center operation

– Trustee (trustee): Wellpam Co., Ltd.

– Contents of entrusted business: Customer’s telephone consultation, department and employee guidance

2. Operating A / S Center

– Trustee (trustee): Wellpam Co., Ltd.

– Contents of entrusted business: Providing product A / S to customers

3. Hanoolsoft

– Consignee (trustee): Hanoolsoft

– Contents of commissioned work: Maintain homepage

② Welfare Co., Ltd. shall be prohibited from processing personal information except for the purpose of conducting the duties pursuant to Article 25 of the Personal Information Protection Act when it concludes the contract of trust, technical and managerial protection measures, restriction of re-entrustment, management and supervision of the trustee, It should be noted in the contract documents such as the matters of responsibility, and whether the trustee handles personal information securely

There is.

③ If the contents of the consignment service or the consignee change, we will disclose it through this personal information processing policy without delay.

Article 5 (Rights and Obligations of Information Authorities and Legal Representatives and Methods of Exercising)

① The information subject can make right to Wellpam Co., Ltd. at any time by requesting to view, correct, delete or stop processing personal information.

② The exercise of rights under Paragraph (1) may be done in writing, e-mail or fax (FAX) in accordance with Article 41 (1) of the Enforcement Decree of the Personal Information Protection Act for the < Without delay)

I will take action.

(3) The exercise of the rights under Paragraph (1) may be done through the legal representative of the information entity or the agent who has been delegated. In this case, you must submit a power of attorney according to Form 11 of the Enforcement Regulations of the Personal Information Protection Act.

④ The right of the information subject may be restricted according to Article 35, Clause 5, Article 37, Clause 2 of Personal Information Protection Act.

⑤ The request for correction and deletion of personal information can not be requested to be deleted if the other personal information is stated in the other statute.

⑥ Welfarm Co., Ltd. confirms whether the person who requests the reading request, correction or deletion according to the information subject right, reading when requesting the processing suspension is the person himself or a legitimate agent.

Article 6 (Personal Information Items to be Processed) The <Company / Organization Name> processes the following personal information items.

1. Homepage membership and management

– Required items: Name, phone number, email address

2. Provision of goods or services

– Required items: Name, E-mail address

3. Provide customer voice and affiliate inquiry

– Required items: Name, password, e-mail address

– Choice: Whether the publication is public or not

4. <Personal information processing business> (When only required items are collected)

– Name, password, e-mail address

5. During the process of using the Internet service, the following personal information items are automatically created and collected

can be.

– IP address, cookie, MAC address, service use history, visit history, bad use history, etc.

Article 7 (Destruction of personal information)

① Welfarm Co., Ltd. will destroy the personal information without delay when it becomes unnecessary for personal information such as the elapse of the personal information retention period and achievement of the processing purpose.

(2) If personal information has to be preserved in accordance with other laws and regulations despite the expiration of the agreed period of personal information from the information subject or the fulfillment of the purpose of processing, the personal information may be transferred to a separate database (DB)

The cows are preserved in different ways.

③ Procedures and methods of personal information destruction are as follows.

1. Destruction procedure

Welfarm Co., Ltd. selects the personal information that caused the reason for destruction and discards the personal information with the approval of the person in charge of personal information protection of <company / organization name>.

2. Destruction method

WELLFAM is recorded as an electronic file, and the stored personal information is destroyed so that it can not be played back. Personal information recorded or stored in the paper document is crushed or destroyed by the crusher.

Article 8 (Personal Information Protection Officer)

In order to protect customer’s personal information and to handle complaints related to personal information, we have the person in charge of personal information protection

Personal Information Protection Officer Name: kim young soon Affiliation: HR Department Phone: 070-4367-103 Mail:

Article 9 (Matters concerning the operation of cookies)

In order to provide personalized and customized services, the company stores ‘cookies’ that store and retrieve information of users from time to time. A cookie is a very small text file sent to your browser by the server used to run your company’s website and stored on your computer’s hard disk.

end. Cookie
Provide targeted marketing and customized service through analysis of user’s access frequency and time of visit, identification of user’s taste and interests, traceability, attendance of various events and number of visits

I. Cookie installation / operation
You have the option of installing cookies. As a result, you can allow all cookies by setting options in your web browser, check each time a cookie is saved, or refuse to save all cookies.

All. How to decline cookie settings
To decline cookies, you can either accept all cookies, check each time you save a cookie, or refuse to save all cookies by selecting the option for your web browser. However, if the user refuses to install cookies, there may be difficulties in providing the service.

Setup Method Example (for Internet Explorer): Tools> Internet Options> Privacy at the top of your web browser

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